System Design

Bespoke Automated Lubrication Systems – Designed for you by Interlube UK.

Interlube UK has a combined knowledge of over 70 years in the design of automatic lubrication systems.

Many different types of lubrication systems have been designed and installed for some of the UK’s largest blue chip companies, systems such as..

  • Grease dispensing systems that deliver set amounts of grease onto a product on a production line. Systems that monitor grease flow and indicate if the system has not dispensed the correct amount of grease.
  • Oil recirculation systems that monitor oil flow and filter the oil prior to being delivered to the bearings. These oil lubrication systems can be fitted with a cooling facility to help maintain oil temperatures.
  • Progressive lubrication systems for mobile plant applications such as loading shovels, dumpers and excavators. These systems can be fitted with cab mounted manual override buttons in the cab, so that the operator can override the lubrication cycle at any time. Some of the larger equipment is fitted with electric grease pumps that fit onto standard tubes of grease. These systems can be connected to retractable grease hose reels for manual back up lubrication.
  • Progressive lubrication systems for oil and grease for static plant applications such as recycling plants and food processing plants.
  • Chain lubrication systems for small and large pitch chains using the Unique Rotalube chain applicator which was invented and designed in the UK.

Interlube UK currently has..

  • 8  Mobile lubrication engineers located in the UK.
  • 8  Mobile Work Stations all fully stocked and equipped with lubrication equipment
  • All of our engineers are full time employed and hold current Quarry Safety Passports.

Interlube UK offers a full design service for all applications..

..For all lubrication system enquiries please send us your details on the ‘contact us’ page and an Interlube engineer will call you to discuss your requirements. A complimentary site visit will be arranged to further discuss your requirements and begin the design process of your bespoke system. After this point a formal quotation will be submitted for your approval.