SPL Divider Valve 8 outlets


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Product Description

The SPL08 divider valve delivers set amounts of lubricant to a maximum of eight points. The lubricant is delivered to each connected point irrespective of feed length and back pressure. The lubricant from the  grease applicator is positively divided into eight equal amounts. The SPL08 divider valve has been tested to an excess of 350 Bar and has a maximum flow off 600 CC per minute.

Further Information

This divider valve has been designed, built and manufactured to be the best available in the world of lubrication, reliability is paramount.

Any tapered 1/8 Bsp threaded fitting can be used in the inlet to the block. Only specialised check valves and blanking plugs should be used in the outlet ports (Shop Check Valves) (Shop Blanking Plugs).

A minimum operating pressure of 17 Bar (247 psi) and a maximum of 370 Bar (5365 psi) is required.

Once the lubricant supply is stopped or interrupted the valve will continue to lubricate where it last stopped, irrespective of time intervals.

Outlets which are not required should be closed with blanking plugs. If an outlet is closed, the adjacent outlet on the same side delivers a double quantity of lubricant. Note: The bottom two outlets must never be blanked.

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