Spare 6mm Fittings Box


Part Number: SFB2

Product Description

Lubrication System spares / fittings selection box containing over 175 x compression fittings including nuts, olives, swivel elbows, adaptors and check valve outlets for progressive lubrication divider valves. The selection box is used by maintenance engineers to help maintain broken pipes and damaged fittings on site without having to call specialists service engineers to carry out minor repairs.

The Spares box contains:

Qty Part Number Description
5 SWV2-6D-6
6mm OD Push Fit x M6 Swivel Elbow
5 SWV2-6D-8
6mm OD Push Fit x M8  Swivel Elbow
5 SWV2-6D-1/8
6mm OD Push Fit x 1/8″ BSP Swivel Elbow
10 CF6-2-6
6mm OD Comp Fit x M6 Elbow
10 CF6-2-8
6mm OD Comp Fit x M8 Elbow
10 CF6-2-1/8 6mm OD Comp Fit x 1/8″ BSP Elbow
10 CF6-1-6 6mm OD Comp Fit x M6 Straight
10 CF6-1-8 6mm OD Comp Fit x M8 Straight
10 CF6-1-1/8 6mm OD Comp Fit x 1/8″ BSP Straight
10 TML-8.6-FE
Re-Usable High Pressure Sleeve for 8.6mm Pipe
10 TML-8.6-ST
Re-Usable High Pressure Stud for 8.6mm Pipe
6mm OD Check Valve Outlets (M10)
20 SPL-OL-6-LL
6mm OD Steel Olive (LL)
20 SPL-CN-6-LL
6mm OD Compression Nut (LL)
10 CFU-6-6
6mm OD x 6mm OD Straight Connector Comp Fit
5 ADP-3-1/8F-1/8 1/8″ BSP M/F 45˚ Adaptor
5 ADP-2-1/8F-1/8 1/8″ BSP M/F 90˚ Adaptor
10 EXT-1/8-1 1/8″ BSP M/F Short Extension Piece (23mm)

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