Grease (Red Sparkle) EP1 Lithium (Different sizes)


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Product Description

High quality 12.5kg keg of red sparkle EP1 Lithium grease perfect for industrial and mobile plant usage, dual line, progressive or multi line centralised lubrication systems. The 12.5kg keg is well suited for a standard Yamada pump. It’s unique red sparkle design allows increased visibility of greased points.

EP 1 Grease boasts:

  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Enhanced EP rating providing good anti wear protection
  • Good corrosion and oxidation additives
  • A wide working temperature range
  • Additional performance packages include MoS2, Graphite, zinc oxide
  • NLGI2 for use in Progressive lubrication systems
  • Sold in 12.5 Kg, 18 Kg, 20 Kg, 50 Kg and 180Kg

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12.5 KG, 18 KG, 20KG, 50KG, 180KG