HDI 3KG Plastic Moulded Progressive Pump


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Product Description

The HDI 3 Litre Low Cost Pump has a 3 Litre Capacity and can be used to pump oils and greases up to and including NLGI2. The pump has a maximum operating pressure of 350 Bar with a built in Pressure relief valve as an added safety feature. It is an economical solution for small and medium sized machines, capable of lubricating 100 or more points from a single pump. The pump comes as standard with an integral control panel which is fitted with a programmable PCB, but can  also be supplied without controls so the pump can be controlled remotely by a separate controller or the machines own PLC.

All HDI models are supplied with dual fill, so can be filled via a standard grease nipple or ISO 7241-1-B quick release coupling. Additionally, they can also be filled with a Quickfill Gun.

The HDI pumps, when used in conjunction with the Progressive Divider Valve make an ideal lubrication system for:

  • On road
  • Off road construction vehicles
  • Static plant
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Wind and Energy applications
  • Food & Beverage machinery
  • And many other industries where reliability is key to profitability

The positive displacement action of the HDI pump elements ensure precise, consistent delivery of lubricant during the pumps operation.

Optional Extras

  • Up to 3 Pump Elements delivering 2cc each per stroke
  • Can be fitted with a low level sensor to alert of low grease level
  • End of line can be fitted with a proximity sensor to monitor operation
  • Breather filler for oil applications

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Additional Information

Weight 10 kg

24vdc with Controls, 12vdc with Controls, 24vdc without Controls, 12vdc without Controls