Grease Nipple Selection Box


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Product Description

Grease Nipple Kit/Selection box. An assortment of grease nipples containing 130x Hydraulic Grease Nipples with a selection of thread Imperial and Metric sizes and angles. All the Grease Nipples are Hydraulic type , Zinc plated and manufactured to DIN7412 and BS1486 and SAEJ534 standards.

The Grease nipples are packed in a small plastic selection box and all types of lubricating nipples are identified and separated, ideal for use in maintenance engineers tool boxes or workshops.

The Nipple box contains:

Qty           Description

10   M6x1 45˚ Grease Nipple
20   M6x1 Straight Grease Nipple
10   ¼”UNF 45˚ Grease Nipple
20   ¼”UNF Straight Grease Nipple
10   M8x1 45˚ Grease Nipple
15   M8x1 Straight Nipple
10   M10x1 45˚ Grease Nipple
10   M10x1 Straight Grease Nipple
5   M8x1.25 45˚ Grease Nipple
10   M8x1.25 Straight Grease Nipple
5   1/8”BSP 45˚ Grease Nipple
10   1/8”BSP Straight Grease Nipple

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