AC1 Pump


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Product Description

The AC1 Pump has a 1.25 kg (2.75lbs) reservoir and a maximum of 24 outputs

A typical AC Multi-line lubrication system includes the following components:
• Pump with Plastic Reservoir
• Adjustable Controller
• Pump Elements
• Tubing directly to lubrication points
• Fittings

The AC1 family of pumps have a range of 12 to 60 outlets each outlet can be fitted with a pump element. There are six elements to choose from, each having different output capacities. Each pump element feeds directly the lubrication point via a pipe which can be numbered at the pump and bearing to assure accurate lubrication + identification 3kg maximum outputs

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg

AC1 PUMP 12V 12, AC1 PUMP 12V 24, AC1 PUMP 24V 12, AC1 PUMP 24V 24


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