Mobile Filtration Units

mobile-filtration-trolleyMobile Oil Filtration Unit that removes water –
Filters Oils to 1 Micron and removes water.

This oil filtration trolley is used to remove contamination in oil and water, it offers the advantage of being easy to move from one machine to another.

The system comprises two Filtakleen by pass filter units each containing one high tech filter cartridge. The oil filter cartridge will filter oil and absorbs the oil content into the cartridge medium. The oil is pumped through the gear pump and passed through the two filtration cartridges, the clear hoses act as a visual flow indicator allowing the operator to ensure proper flow and if necessary spot any blockages and clear them.

The MX300 is perfect for such operations as:

  • Periodic clean ups of oil reservoirs and oil tanks, the oil filter unit is connected to the oil reservoir and the oil is filtered and delivered back into the tank in a loop. In the trade some call this a Kidney type loop filtration system. The mobile unit will continually circulate the oil until the dirty oil has been filtered and the tank flushed.
  • Pre-filtering new oil from tanks and RBC’s ensuring the oil going into the equipment is clean and fit for purpose.


Model Name MX300-1  /  MX300-2
Voltage 110V  50/60 Hz /  240V  50/60 Hz TEFC, IP54
Power Consumption 0.38kW
Filtration Rate 12 Litres per Minute
Maximum System Pressure 10 Bar  /  145 Psi
Water Holding Capacity 800cc
Contaminate Capacity 210 Grams
Filter Cartridge Tolerance 1 Micron
Max Oil Temperature 79°C
Viscosity Range 9 –220 cSt
Weight 43Kg