Self-fit MultiLine

These systems are ideal for vehicles that are small to medium in size. The pumps are small and compact, available in 12V or 24V and have three reservoir sizes.

The MultiLine concept enables between 1 and 24 grease points to be lubricated independently, and damage to one feed line does not render the system inoperable. The AC Range is easy to install, operate and is fully adjustable.

The systems are fully automatic and are designed to lubricate each point with the precise amount of lubricant whilst the machine is in operation.

HDI Spares and Pump Replacement

Let us help you get your HDI pump working again or recommend replacement pump from our large range of progressive grease pumps with both refillable and cartridge based systems available.


Bypass filtration solution for engine and hydraulic oil.

Yamada keg pumps

12 and 24 volt options

SPL Divider Valves and metering units

Available in 6,8,10,12 port common displacement outlets or up to 28 port bespoke design using segmented blocks with varying outputs.