Grease and Oil Dispensing Systems


Interlube UK provides solutions for the transfer of Grease and Oil these automatic grease or oil dispensing systems can include:

  • Grease Spray Systems
  • Oil recirculation systems
  • Grease Measure systems
  • Grease Transfer Systems

Grease/Oil Spray Systems

These Systems can be to deliver grease to spray nozzles mounted on purpose built plates. The system can be designed to deliver grease and activate air to mix with the lubricant at pre determined intervals whilst delivering set amounts.

Oil Recirculation

These systems are designed to deliver a constant amount of oil to one or various points on a machine, the oil will return to tank and re delivered. Systems can include flow monitoring, flow adjustments, filtering and cooling.

Measure Systems

Lubricants are pumped from the original containers through supply lines to measure valves or ejectors, which in turn would meter the lubricant being delivered.

Transfer Systems

When Lubricants are transferred from the original container to another point.