Construction Vehicles (Off Road)


Interlube UK offers a full range of lubrication systems to suit all types of ‘Off Road’ and Construction vehicles/machines such as:

  • Loading Shovels
  • Excavators  (both wheeled and tracked)
  • Backhoes
  • Artic Dump Trucks
  • Rigid Dump Trucks
  • Telehandlers
  • Dozers, Scrapers and many more

The two most common systems installed to off-road vehicles are the Interlube progressive range of systems and using either the HDI or Electric Keg pump systems.

Progressive Systems

The Progressive systems are generally fitted to machines on larger vehicles or vehicles that operate in more arduous conditions.

The installation of Progressive Distribution Valves will minimise pipe runs on machines with large numbers of grease points and are designed to feed each connected point in turn without missing a point out.

The progressive system is capable of monitoring system operation and will generate high grease pressures if required to do so.

Main Features of Progressive Systems are:

  • The systems are very robust
  • Generate higher volumes of grease and at high pressures if required to do so
  • Flexible in design
  • Reduce pipe runs on the machine
  • Can feed in excess of 100 points from the one pump HDI or Keg Pump

The HDI pumps have five variations in reservoir sizes 3, 3 flat top style, 6, 9 and 15 KG.  nterlube HDI pumps are available with an in built controller which has a wider range of flexibility and adjustments both in run and dwell times.


The Keg Pumps can be fitted to keg sizes from 12.5 to 18kg. The Keg Pumps can be supplied with or without in built controller. The controller has a wider range of flexibility and adjustments both in run and dwell times. It also has a function that will allow a hose reel to be fitted to the system and used as a manual greasing facility.

The pumps are supplied with lid follower plate to suit the drum size.