Commercial Vehicles (On Road)


Interlube UK offers a full range of lubrication systems to suit all types of commercial vehicle such as:

  • Trucks, Lorry & Tippers lubrication systems
  • Bus lubrication systems
  • Trailer lubrication systems
  • Sweeper lubrication systems
  • Crane lubrication systems
  • Refuge vehicle lubrication systems and many more…..

The two most common systems installed to on-road vehicles are the Interlube AC Multi Line and the Interlube HDI/SPL progressive range of systems.

AC Multi Line

These systems are cost effective and ideal for vehicles that are small to medium in size. The pumps are small and compact and have three reservoir sizes.

The Multi Line concept enables each bearing to be lubricated independently, and damage to one feed line does not render the system inoperable. The AC Range is easy to install, operate and is fully adjustable.

The systems are fully automatic and are designed to lubricate each point with the precise amount of lubricant whilst the machine is in operation.

Main Features of the AC Systems are:

  • Can be used with most lubricants including NLGI2 Heavy greases
  • Electrically operated 12/24V
  • Can feed up to 60 lubrication points from the one pump
  • Multi position Timer with memory
  • Six colour coded pumping elements


Progressive Systems

The Progressive systems are generally fitted to machines on larger vehicles or vehicles that operate in more arduous conditions.

The HDI pumps have five variations in reservoir sizes and the in built controller has a wider range of flexibility and adjustments

The installation of Progressive valves will minimise pipe runs on machines with large numbers of grease points and the valves are designed to feed each connected point in turn without missing a point out.

The progressive system is capable of monitoring system operation and will generate high grease pressures if required to do so.

Main Features of Progressive Systems are:

  • The systems are very robust
  • Generate higher volumes of grease and higher pressures if required to do so
  • Flexible in design
  • Reduce pipe runs on the machine
  • Can feed in excess of 100 points from the one pump.