Chain Lubrication


Rotalube® is a Unique chain lubrication  system that significantly extends chain life and reduces maintenance costs which is paramount in today’s competitive global market place.

With applications as diverse as theme park rides, car manufacturing plants and bakery ovens, Rotalube® is a precise method of lubricating chain – a patented invention that delivers the right amount of lubricant to the exact point of the chain that enables lubricant to penetrate into the bearing areas.

Comparable drip feed, manual application, brush application and spit/spray systems – while better than no lubrication – have varying degrees of success and can struggle to hit the right spot, especially when chain speeds fluctuate.

Rotalube’s® simple yet precise technology is not affected by speed fluctuation – it simply delivers the right amount of lubricant to the right place every time, lubricating more accurately, efficiently, reliably and reducing lubricant consumption.

The system can be used throughout the food, automobile, steel, fiberglass and cement industries. Typical applications that can benefit include food processing machines, industrial dryers, tissue converting factories, waste paper conveyors, truck manufacturing plants, escalators and elevators.

Interlube offers full technical advice on design and installation for bespoke systems. The company recently designed and installed two such systems; one an oil lubrication system that feeds six Rotalube applicators mounted inside an oven, first cleaning the chains with a constant air supply before the lubrication unit delivers a set amount of oil to each feed.